Monday, April 07, 2008

An Ode to Madam

Madam's a breast cancer survivor; she's also in surgery today.

Having been cancer free for ~10 years, we learned a few weeks ago that Madam has had a recurrence of cancer yet again in her second breast. After the minute discovery, she made a decision that it was not worth having just a lumpectomy.

Good for her, I say. I do my best to determine what I might do in any grave situation -prior to event- so that I can rely on my clear judgment to carry me through any adversities. Personally, I believe I would probably have both of them removed simultaneously so that I wouldn't have to go thru all of the adjustments that she's had to endure: new bras, a new boob, another new boob because she melted hers on the stove, a new bra fitting because she lost weight, and yet another new boob.

There's also the bowl we have to loan her because she forgot her 'boob box' during her weekend visit -she's got to place her 'girl' in the bowl to rest!

Last Fall, Madam made the suggestion that when we created the suede/leather journals, that we find pink for Breast Cancer Awareness; I thought that was a fine idea. Andrew and I also thought it was a fine idea to bring one to her as a gift. Also, after having a few glasses of wine, we came up with the hilarious idea of having a photo shoot that includes her topless with the Bacchus book -she was definitely in agreement.

This is my Ode to Madam and the transformation she continues.

The juxtaposition of the the grunge texture behind Madam is about decay and the darkness of cancer that surrounds her. The lotus is a Chinese symbol for health that is found both in the painterly foreground as well as the calligraphic borders both top and bottom.

MAC Update: For those of you watching my MAC frustrations, I think my episode last week was due to a glitch in Photoshop. After reinstalling the app, I was able to get Madam's piece done without incident. Today, my MAC memory has arrived, so my favorite husband can feel vindicated by his MAC recommendation.


Jeanne Rhea said...

What a great post to honor your MIL. That is a great way to show her beauty and courage. Wishing her all the best!

Madam said...

Lisa!!! Have just now gotten to the computer -still a little weak ( b/p drop as well as low hemoglobin) and four unexpected days in the hospital have had me out of touch and out of sinc!
I LOVE your ode!! Thank you So much! The collage is wonderful and when I get all the binding off and the drains removed, you will have to get another photo! My wonderful surgeon has left me now with two little "puppy tits" that his student entourage thought was hilarious! But "Why not" I say! Incidently your sister in law has been such a help and has wrapped my in horse leg binding tape which is sticks to itself, is hypo allergenic, costs 1/3 what similar tape at the drugstore costs and is in all sorts of beautiful colors! I'll get her to take a photo to send you - and if you thought Dad's coumadin bruises were colorful, you should see me! As one of the nurses said"I loook like a perfect candidate for a battered woman's shelter!" Blamed the bruises on the med students!