Thursday, June 19, 2008

Giving Girls Presents

It's my birthday today. Years ago I deemed my birthday a national holiday, just as long as you address me as Queen Elizabeth.

I found a great dialog that befits today by Charles Schultz:

Lucy: Beethoven's birthday is December 16th Shermy! Have you decided what you're going to get me?
Shermy: Yes! I'm not going to get you anything!
Lucy: What kind of a holiday is it where you don't give girls presents?

Chardonnay: He's a guy, but he plays all the girl parts.

Andrew, to my great fortune, is nothing like Shermy, he always makes me feel like every day is my birthday. He's always on the lookout for the most thoughtful gift, object that will bring me the greatest joy. I usually ask that it bring me the greatest production joy so that I can actually perfect my use and become a money making venture. So, this year he asks, "What would you like?" casually during a Jeopardy commercial break. I shrug my shoulders and really can't think of anything I need that would allow me to make a few extra bucks.

"Uh, how about a pair of earrings? I know it sounds completely selfish and I usually make most of what I wear, but I can't make diamonds."

His retort? "I was thinking a zoom lens for your SLR."

Needless to say, the diamonds were a passing phase as I was all over that lens he suggested. After deciding I needed a zoom lens, Andrew decided I needed a new SLR kit to go along with it but it was becoming increasingly expensive to shop ala carte.

I'll give you one guess where he went. Yup. Costco.
Update: I had been remiss and didn't provide a link so I went back to search for it, and they have no more.

My man is the most product conscious researcher next to yours truly, and found a comprehensive Canon Rebel XTi outfit for me saving $600. I know he just wanted to get his hands on my Canon Rebel XT that gave us so much thrill during our honeymoon.

I will find time to have fun with my new toy -even if that means procrastinating on other projects.


Unknown said...

ahhh! Costco! It does get a bit expensive, and nowadays equipment gives me thrills that are umcomparable to any diamond. I have become such a tech/work junkie! I swear!

I use a Nikon D40x and it's the love of my life! haha, jk. But nothing compares to the quality and virtues that such a camera can capture.. awwww.. How does the Canon do? I had considered getting that one..

Jeanne Rhea said...

Happy, Happy Birthday...