Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Quiet Down, Cobwebs

I can't take it anymore!!!!!!!

After Mayhem May, I've been able to effectively re-evaluate my home studio. I enjoy creating products for my customers and unfortunately, the production & manufacturing is overriding my studio space -my cockpit desktop can no longer take the demands of my prototyping.

Wagner's Ride of the Valkyries by the Royal Philharmonic play in the background as we clear our former home theater-turned-exercise space-turned inventory stash. The stationery bike & treadmill got expedited thru Craigslist last week -yay- and now I eagerly photo more great stuff for sale. I'll post a note when I finally get around to uploading the goods (old TIVO, DVD multi players, CD players...).

The next transformation: ECStewart Manufacturing & Production Area.

Costco cashed in a great deal of our paycheck as we bought 4 chrome mobile shelving units from them this weekend. After the first 2, I realized my inventory hadn't moved, only the inventory from Andrew's office. So, back to Costco on Saturday we went for another 2 sets. Man! After erecting the recent units plus the others we have in the house, we could probably win a race.

Stay tuned for the final reveal!!

Shelving Hint for the Vexed:
When affixing casters to the bottom of the units, wedge something useless under the frame to allow for rotation -say, a 5lb weight. Using one's toes is only good for the first round of casters -they begin to put up a fight if you ask for more.

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