Thursday, June 26, 2008

My Givewaways Aren't for Scavengers

"For every lock, there's a locksmith" I always say, and I'm becoming increasingly annoyed at the fact that there are bottom feeders who turn a sweet incentive for true enthusiasts into a circus for scavengers.

I'm watching my blog stats and I'm capable of seeing where folks come from and how they get here. I'm noticing a deluge of folks coming from a particular site ( that is strictly dedicated to post Giveaways for said bottom feeders.

I'm an artist who wants to give back to her supporters as a thank you and now you've turn this into form of entertainment where you also have 'Bragging Corner' & 'Member Brag Pages'. How Nice.

My Web site & blog is dedicated to and specifically for enthusiasts of my artwork. I don't punch a clock for 'the man' which translates to: I work hard every day (and I mean every day) on my designs and products to make them gorgeous for my collectors. While I've been inspired by larger companies who host giveaways for their customers I must say, giveaways are simply expensive for me.

Please be kind.
I don't have time to devise a better strategy to keep vultures from picking at my time. Larger companies hire people specifically to keep the gates locked, I do not.

All entries received from or any other similar site will be ineligible for the giveaway.

Please take my Giveaway entries off your forum.

PS. I'm sorry I had to get ugly in front of my genuine supporters. Thank you so much for your warmth and graciousness.


Madam said...

Lisa, I was about to say "way to go" and then read the reply from the redhot sweeps gal and I guess that was bound to come. Like you, I hate to see anyone taken advantage of and it sounds as though that is the case, in spite of the "explanation".

Andy Mathis said...

Hi Lisa-
Sorry that happened to you. I looked at the site and it's ironic that one can't register for their forums, and have to pay to be able to see the lists.

Something similar happened to my giveaways, but it was a different site.

I discontinued my giveaways tmporarily, but will be bringing them back in the future in a different format. I did like doing the giveaways for people that appreciated my artwork.

My suggestion would be to do them randomly, and have people leave comments to be able to enter. Not random comments, but comments pertaining to a topic, or item(s).