Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Paisley Poll

It looks like there are a number of folks who love paisley and I don't want to deny you. So please feel free to vote on the current paisley poll (one can do this anonymously) and if you've got further ideas, we'd love to hear them here.

Vote now!

Upcoming Poll:
Your Colorway Favorites.


From our recent poll, here are the stats. Remember, each category has the potential of 100%.

50% voted for Fashion (Pendants)
30% voted for Home Decor (Pillows)
10% voted for Wall Decor
50% voted for PaperGoods (stationery)
10% voted for Other (Wallpaper, by anonymous)

Can you think of additional categories for this new design? I'd love to hear them.

1 comment:

Marna said...

Hey - when are your calligraphy cats going to show up on Thirstystones? I'd buy a set of those!!!