Wednesday, August 29, 2007

This Week's Activities

I'm still beat from taking a week off to create gifts for my neices & MIL!! My MIL is blogging on the family blog wondering where the heck everyone is after our huge party last weekend -she's such a party girl -I can't keep up! Wish I could take some time out to explain my bon-bon couch routine but she'll just have to pop on over 'ere to read up! :)

Meanwhile, I'm in the midst of installing my Aspirations show at EVOO and there is so much involved.

  • Andrew made awesome floating frames for only 12 pieces and because it's so much work, I decided it wouldn't be a common feature among our framing efforts.
  • I launched an email campaign yesterday (that's a 2 day effort) to my Mewsmembers as an exclusive exhibit before the public show on Friday. Wow -immediately sold 2 pieces!
  • Realized I need to replace the graphic on
  • I need to update homepage to reflect current events.
  • I need to finish designing my restaurant poster, postcards & tabletop tent cards for EVOO and get them printed.
I just finished my poster that's going to be inserted in the little plexi-frame and it reminds me of the ads you find in UTNE. For zen meditation, please visit, for yoga instruction, visit, if you want to hear a duck quack -sorry, I digress.

I'm just about finished with my postcards and intend to have them printed at Premium Postcard, so I'll let you know how they turn out.

Ugh. Back to work.

: I've been doing quite a bit of Web research on printing-on-demand (POD) and finding it difficult. Some of the challenges I'm running into are the fact that this show is small and Raleigh isn't an art mecca. Folks don't travel in bands from one opening to another and therefore, not many cards are needed -say about 100 and I keep about 50 in my personal stash for promotions. Another is that because I don't require a large number, many of the POD services are requiring a person to purchase at least 500. I have that kind of following, but it's my client list and Premium Postcard offers the service of print & mail that I need for said list. So, my needs are the inverse of what the services dictate.

What I haven't told you is that I usually go to my preferred local printer, Theo-Davis, for my print jobs and decided that it would be best for my biz to continue to shop around. I've looked at some of his old quotes and he may just be the best resource yet.

Lastly, I'd like these card by Saturday. Ugh. Is that too much to ask?

I'm tired of all this shopping 'round -I'm having another glass of wine. Oh, and it's time for dindin.


Madam said...

When is the EVOO show beginning? I have a friend who goes to Raleigh regularly,says she knows where EVOO is since she's very familiar with the Presbyterian Church (White Memorial) that is catty - corner from it at Fairview and Oberlin! She's looking forward to going there and asked if your art was still on display there!

CREATIVEGoddess said...

She can get a sneak peak today if she's in town.