Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Weekend Update

We strived to fight the Post-Potter Depression the past few days. Yup, that's a real word found on Urban Dictionary.

Post-Potter Depression | The empty feeling that comes from finishing the seventh book in the Harry Potter series and realizing there will be no more.
We decided to break out our new addition to the DVD library: Qalaxy Quest and enjoy Alan Rickman once again with the remnants of our chocolate layered mousse cake and port. Mmm... We furthered attempted to quench our thirst for the cinema by scoring a copy of Pan's Labyrinth from Netflix. Alas, after wine and port, we realized we didn't want to read our movie. Was this a mistake? Did they send us a dubbed Spanish movie? I had no idea! Finally watched it last night and I also didn't realize how violent it was. Next time I'll take heed when the box reads: Adult Fairytale!

I also attempted to keep apprised of my friend, Jeanne's travels to Alaska! She's much more diligent about keep an online travel diary than I would be. I'd gather my photos and my writings, then combine them all later -like during the cicada resurgence. I'll just have to prove my creative worth while Andrew and I take our honeymoon in Europe at Christmas!

Meanwhile, I filled orders and collated wholesale kits to retail enthusiasts -jeez! that takes nearly all day! I need a little part-timer to help me!

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Jeanne Rhea said...

The last few days became too difficult to keep up on the blog. It was too hard to find time and still do all the things that I had wanted to do.

I have a few photos, but not many to post. I am going to buy me a little camera for future trips! I loved Alan's little camera.