Thursday, August 02, 2007

Treat & Reward

I was against a heavy deadline until Wednesday, July 25th. So, Deathly Hallows sat on the coffee table until I met it. Suddenly, when I think I've cleared my schedule, I have clients calling me time and again asking for materials. Ah!

I didn't get a chance to begin reading until Thursday and resisted reading any news until I could finish quickly Saturday night. When I sat down to complete the series, Andrew began his foray into the wizarding world with The Sorcerer's Stone. Yea! Now we can talk about the subplots that aren't revealed in the movies! All 3 nights, we had reading night after dinner and read as long as our eyes would allow us. At 10:30pm, page 699, my eyes just welled up and flooded with tears -I couldn't continue.

I'm now finished and no, I won't spoil the end. But, I think I need to go back and re-read Half-Blood Prince to reacquaint myself with the specifics.

Daniel Radcliffe was right, this story doesn't leave one very fast.

Wow! What an emotional rollercoaster!

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