Monday, August 13, 2007

Ugh! Frustrations!

While Andrew and I were running errands tonight, we had to stop by Home Depot tonight to pick up wood to build frames for my upcoming show. Because HD carried the wood that he really likes, Andrew -despite my dubious angst- insisted that we stop and pick up a sheet of it and get it cut. After 20 minutes of waiting and several calls to have someone help us at the mammoth electric saw and no response, we walked out... well, not quietly.

I'm sure you know how frustrating it is to get help; more so when a bunch of unresponsive, frosty employees stand around ringing their hands with seemingly nothing to do. Well, I won't be returning for a loooong while. Lowe's has always been my preferred lumberyard and they always will be. Be wary of those masking arrogance with helpfulness.

While returning home and fuming in the car (both of us quietly seething) I announced that instead of writing the title: Home Depot Sucks!, I decided I would do something a little more constructive. The Zagats were a couple who began writing restaurant reviews in NYC several decades ago, so I decided I would do the same for the locals, but in areas where we know a great deal -namely areas where we do the bulk of our shopping. Stay tuned for a links list!

There are several stores and services that we frequent and we make appoint of it to get to know them and form a relationship. Yes, it's tougher to do at a mega-warehouse, although, those said businesses keep a tap on the 'net and all things said, so they'll find this post soon enough.

Meanwhile, I'll let you know that among all the Home Depots in Raleigh, the one on Strickland (conveniently across the street from Goodberry's) is one of the most responsive ones. The HD in Cary (Crossroads Village) is one of the worst!

A Lowe's in any location beats them (HD) hands down.

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