Friday, November 16, 2007

Before the First Bite of Turkey

Ever feel like one of those weeks just begs the bewildered working artist whose getting ready for bed to pipe up and ask, "Why do I feel so funky this week?"

Bacchus assisting with Kate's order.

While we waited for our shipment of holiday notecards to arrive from the printer this week, my crazy, funked up week allowed for more waffling than work. I do my best to make sure that any 'research' done online (note the air quotes) pertains to anything business. Naturally, my favorite husband sweeps me with his verbal eloquence and justifies why my behavioral response is attuned to my year-end expectations. *Ahhh* How did I get so lucky? I can feel completely quirky around my beloved and he rationalizes for me and conveniently blames anything and everything on the weather; like the fact that I've worked out dilgently for 5 weeks and haven't lost a pound!

And now -the holidays are upon us. *Big Sigh*

Before the first bite of turkey, I will do my best to return to the gym and work the cardio as hard as possible. If I don't, I promise not to be so hard on myself -I've already done that this week- although, I can't wait for Cafe Madam's delicious pumpkin pie.

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