Monday, November 12, 2007

You Can't Make Me Listen, I'm Coding!!

This morning, my favorite husband leaves to go work (ala for his mistress.) I never understood why he always shave for her and not for me? He leaves himself scruffy all weekend and waits to shower -for her. Humpfth! Maybe, I'll stop shaving, that'll teach him. Scruffy, huh? I can play that game! I'll win, too! And then, no more business time.

That'll teach me. Sigh.

You Can't Make Me Listen, I'm Coding!!!
Well, shortly before 10 this morning, I get an email from my favorite husband and he tells me that Bob Edwards is interviewing Michael Ian Black on XMPublic Radio in the next segment -he caught parts of it enroute to meet the mistress and toil for the next 8 hours. Naturally, I say I can't listen to the inteviews because I'm coding (my Web site) or writing in this case as I was attempting to collate past weekend events and blog 'em.

I know that guy!
Well, I tuned into Bob Edwards and waited for the interview to begin -the Monday interview with David Broder always saddens me. Suddenly, a familiar voice began to ring over the airwaves. As Bob continued the interview and I listened to Michael's laundry list of comedic acts, I realized, "I know that guy!" I suck with names. I suck with faces. But alone in my studio, I play a game called, "I know that (insert animal, mineral, or vegetable here)!" And behold!

We love watching him on "We Love the (insert year here)." Dry, snarky, and caught me completely off guard, I had to stop my work and listen to the rest. The glow of my monitors that usually give me the pasty radiance I so love beckoned me to continue -I just had to push away. Push away and enjoy listening to someone funny -not that my husband isn't funny- he's actually freaking hilarious, but we both enjoy Michael's humor.

I can't wait to download his first standup album to our IPod. We'll listen to it together when we begin our belated honeymoon and play, "Who's the terrorist?" at the airport. Think I'll go with the favorites.

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Andrew Hayden said...

The other guy shaves? Damn, I'll have to work on that.