Tuesday, November 27, 2007

iTouch, iWant, iGot!

Andrew is the most fabulous husband ever!

Last night, he surprised me with a Jetson space-aged toy that will definitely appease my immediate need to research online at any given time. The iTouch, as was emphasized to me last night at the Apple store, was the music -even the tutorial online was all about the iTunes. That's nice -just give me the gadget so that I can show manufacturers my work at any given time and research them online as needed -any where, any time.

Baccharoo in the background.

Oh, and I'm listening to Handel's Water Music. While always a fav, the trumpets still cannot rouse me from my sluggishness due to taking this little toy under the sheets last night.

Okay, not quite, but this is only going to feed my inner Web-o-holic.

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