Thursday, November 01, 2007

Indelible Eros

My enthusiasts find incredible ways to support my work. Recently, I had a devotee, Katie, tell me that she wanted to commemorate her initial tattooing experience with "something special and representative" of herself and her love of cats. After finding my work in a mail order catalog, she just happened to choose an indelible image of Eros (minus the empty bowl).

I find these acts of permanent expression awe inspiring and for the longest time, I never personally considered getting a tattoo. After a few years of developing my calligraphic gestures, I have had several people ask me if it would be something that I would do; I never really thought about -until now.

When I received Katie's decorative skin art photos, I was no less amazed than when I see my work on other substrates. Now, I began to wonder... Is my courage budding? Might I actually break through my wussiness to enthrone my own calligraphic work on the largest organ of my body?

Then again, perhaps I'm entering a mid-life crises and wish the need for something radical. For me, tattoos are pretty radical, but I was actually hoping for a brand new Z4 roadster...

For now, I'll admire my work on surfaces other than my own.


suzanne cabrera said...

Wow, this is a serious form of flattery. The elegantness of your stroke really does lead to a beautiful tattoo.

I think you should go for it as well! :)

Jeanne Rhea said...

You should be flattered! I like simple tattos more than the ornate ones. I puzzled over one at the flea market yesterday. Could not even make it out. Too many lines in too small of a space! I like the one she chose!