Monday, August 13, 2007

Weekend Update

Sheeeeew! For a relaxing weekend, it was busy!

After keeping my nose to the grind stone, I realized that there was much that I wanted to create for my family before we head up to meet them next weekend. I view this weekend as a birthday catch-all weekend gathering because unfortunately, I rarely see my nieces and nephew. Perhaps once a year... if that? Moreover, I want to create birthday presents from my studio, not buy them a giftcard and call it a day, although, they'd probably prefer it!

Anyhow, while I can't say much (everything's a surprise!) and I'm not sure just how much of my blog they doooooo read, I promise to take photos. I will say that I've been playing with leather, canvas, sterling silver, paints, wood, paper, and who knows what else?

If there's a cat fight among the kids, I know I've done my job well. Pray for a cat fight! Pray for a cat fight!

Movie recommendation from Chez Hayden's:
The Triplets of Bellevilleresides in our permanent library and definitely belongs in everyone's collection -especially if you're an artist, a cyclist, or both!


Gene and Carol said...

Hi Lisa,
Wouldn't you know, I go to look at your anniversary and find this post to. Em's response was typical "Oh no" and then "I want to read it!" Wish I could be there too, y'all will have to take lots of pictures!

CREATIVEGoddess said...

Oh no... what? Is that a good oh no or a bad oh no?