Saturday, May 17, 2008

Core77 Party

So, Andrew snagged for us entrance into the coveted Core77 Party during the infamous NYC Design week. Like an overworked travel agent that he is, he left the Secret Decoder Ring Email that was sent by the designstaff on our printer. As we sat helpless in RDU for over 3 hours waiting for our plane, we lamented the fact that we couldn't get secret directions to get to the party... then I remembered Jim.

Jim's a reliable friend who watches our pussycats from time to time and I knew he was scheduled to check in on the free range Saturday afternoon. I sent him a quick FAVOR SOS to his crackberry pleading for him to enjoy the cloak and dagger expedition down into Andrew's dungeon to find the secret directions. After tapping the directions with his wand and aloud he said, "I solemnly swear that I am up to no good", he sent them to my iTouch. Sweet!

Thanks Jim!

We were exhausted today after all the prep work and cool down walking thru ICFF, but I couldn't let Andrew's bum knee prevent us from making an appearance at this party where he scored tickets. After all, Jim went to all that trouble (probably hurting himself in the process) to get us directions...

Look for the huge Ping Pong Ball...

I'll tell ya, this party was a hellava lot more fun than the uptight party at the MOMA last year. This party was free, they had free pizza (although we didn't need it since we just gorging ourselves with warm chocolate cake and a glass of wine) and party tricks for us kids.

You gotta see what we got to do! Too many photos to just paste, so I'll put them into a slide show for you to enjoy.

For more Core77 party aftermath, go here.

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