Saturday, May 17, 2008

Dinner at the Cupping Room

We made plans to hit the CuppingRoom after our ICFF walk to snarf down our favorite sandwiches: The LaPaysan.

It occurred to me the last time we were there, they had a photographer in taking ambient shots of the place. Walking out of the place, we spotted the very photo she took including us!! Naturally, I had to share my lack of sleep giddiness with someone -so I snagged the waitress during her cigarette break to drag her all the way thru the restaurant to the other side to show her this:

"You may not care, but that's okay. You see those people in the back left corner? That's us!!!"

Sure, they misspelled coffee, but I feel like Mike Wyzcowski in Monsters, Inc. when he had that barcode taped across his face on the cover of the magazine.

Check out the Polaroid photo she gave us last year.

Okay, enough narcissism for the day... er, maybe.


Fr.Bob said...

Wow ! And nobody right around you. They probably could not fit the other "e" on the line.

Jeanne Rhea said...

Wow! Unbelievable! But it is unmistakably you two! That is nice. Hope you are enjoying the show.