Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Wednesday Woes

While I'm not exhibiting at Surtex this year, Andrew and I are walking the show including NSS & ICFF. As I struggle to get imagery done for client meetings I've set up for Saturday & Sunday, I'm also churning new ideas for the 2nd Ladies Night being held next Wednesday. Man, I wish there were more hours in the day!

Prior to our trip to Vegas, I had one of my favorite charities ask for a logo for their Annual Auction as well as a few pieces of print collateral. How could I say no? Sigh. Well, Spring always seems to be an extremely busy time for me compounded by what else, the common cold -what a nuisance. I've been saddled with a darn chest cold since our return and it has naturally, eaten into my critical design time.

Below, you can enjoy the collateral I designed for the upcoming auction. Hope to see you there -SCPA has got some great raffles this year!

Second Chance Pet Adoption Auction Logo, Raffle Flyer, Wine Tasting

Auction Letters and Sponsor Outline


Unknown said...

bummer! I just got over a chest cold too. Lost my voice for a week. Plus busy busy too. I would have almost seen you this weekend if I had gone. I was invited by one of my licensees (if that is the right term) to attend but I wasn't prepared for last minute trip. I hope next year to go. The logo looks great!

CREATIVEGoddess said...

Yup, licensee is correct. Can't go wrong with remembering the R in licensor + the R in artist.

Too bad we won't see each other, would have been fun to meet up.