Thursday, May 29, 2008

MACLove, PC Out, Game Over

I'm feeling a little like Lewis Black these past couple of weeks when it comes to Apple: Mac's in, PC's out, game over (include twitchy index finger pointin' straight atcha).

I've been committed to have my weekly one-to-one sessions at the Apple store and while my head isn't necessarily in the game this month (too much imagery on the gray matter), I'm enamoured with Mac.

There are sooo many nice surprises that reveal themselves to me as I work, that I wish I had someone with whom to share this adventure. Sure, Andrew understands -he initiated this change, but from a designer standpoint, well, it goes much deeper. The everyday way a person connects with the Mac is 'the way it should be.' I think the surprises are small features, but they're not -they're a part of the system. Like peanut butter is with jelly, the fundamentals are no accident, they're planned.

I do have one major complaint: Apple is too darned efficient. Period.

Andrew decided that it would be best if I had my own Shuffle and I agree. After borrowing his on a walk around the neighborhood this week on a most beautiful day, it was an extremely nice supplement. I really try not to fall in love with every gadget on set my hands on but this innocuous, simple tool encouraged me to keep walking -I continued enjoying the day. Miss Design-a-holic did not want to return the studio.

Andrew ordered the Shuffle from the Apple Web site Monday evening; it shipped from China Tuesday. An email encouraged Andrew to sign off on the FedEx slip that he could print out and hang on the front door for Friday's delivery, it arrived a day early. Imagine that.

Tomorrow, my Shuffle arrives (because I didn't answer the door). Now I just need to shuffle my butt back into the gym.

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