Sunday, May 04, 2008

MAC + Podcasting: Embracing My New Frontier

Because I want to become intimately familiar with the amenities of my new iMAC PDQ, I have acquiesced to purchasing the one-to-one sessions at the local Apple store.

I had my first session last Friday afternoon with Andrea. Andrea was very good-natured and immensely tolerant of my forcing her to listen to my free-wheelin' intro created in GarageBand. Once she traversed my terrain of spotty MAC knowledge, she was able to provide succinct guidance into the world of 'look like you know what you're doing' within my chosen subject: Podcasting.

I have to say, I'm extreeemly excited to learn this vehicle of marketing and communication.

Another smart product that comes out of Apple are the session guides: this helps Andrea and myself go thru the checklist to identify just how much I don't know. She began to understand my MAC knowledge base and would interject crossover hints from one application to another -thank you for that! Since the one-to-one cost is ~$100 for 52 weeks, I'm getting some pretty hefty knowledge for just $1.92/per session or $8.33/mo or $.27/day.

Now that I'm becoming versed in the new frontier of podcasting, what subject matter would you like to learn from me?

Quiet Thought for the Day: I will learn to love MAC. I will learn to love MAC.


Unknown said...

I need some advice on incorporating if you ever have any time. I'm trying to figure out what the tax differences are and if it's worth it in that regard, I guess..

Jeanne Rhea said...

I can't imagine how Apple can give so much service for only $100! I had not heard of that--imagine how much more they could sell if more people knew about it.