Saturday, May 17, 2008


For some reason, we were able to get up at a reasonable hour without setting a clock this am and get to Javits. Unfortunately, we couldn't get our entrance badges for NSS because they weren't set up yet.

Travel Tradeshow Tip #1) Watch when shows begin and end at the Javits if they run concurrently. Just because the registration booth is set up doesn't mean it's comprehensive -it was only for exhibitors today.

Travel Tradeshow Tip #2) Make sure to register earlier than 2 weeks prior to the show so that you can have your passes mailed to you; these passes can get you into all 3 shows. We had to cough up $50/ea to get into walk the ICFF today -could have been free if I had been thinking a month ago! The plus side, is that as a visitor/buyer/design firm, other than an exhibitor, one gets a barcode applied to the badge so that you can have exhibitors *ping* you and send you the material you request -one doesn't have to carry it around like a beast of burden.

This show was immensely inspiring and met great product designers with whom I may be partnering in the future -depending on circumstances.

I gave Andrew the camera because he hasn't had a chance to play with it as ICFF is the *only* place folks will allow photos.

As design lovers, we loved the British design aesthetics. However, this piece was very intriguing because it looks like a digital image on the front, it's actually wood ends. We poked our pudgy fingers between the ends to confirm our eyes speculation.

For Jeanne

Bathtub Sightings

I wasn't on the prowl for bathtubs... until my feet started to ache.

Fireplace Sightings

I wasn't on the prowl for fireplaces... until I visualized myself in one of those cool bathtubs with a small inset fireplace frame on the wall... Ohhhhh, man...

Update: Rotating Fireplace Here.

PS. I'm sorry I'm remiss about product credits. We were so tired that it didn't occur to me until late tonight. If you're desperate to learn about these products, go to the site: for more info.

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Jeanne Rhea said...

AHHHH, I love the mirror. You know me well.

This idea reminds me of similar mirrors that I made about 20 years ago. One was a mirror that had a hat on the top and gloved hands on the side reaching up to the hat. When looking into the mirror, a woman would become an Edwardian or Victorian lady. It was one of the first things I ever sold when I started making home decor pieces.

Love that chest with the wood ends showing. That would look great as a small pendant...