Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Cheers to Andrew!!

Now that I've got a chance to wind down after Boylan, I wanted to outline my gratitude to to my wonderful and favorite husband, Andrew.

The reason I'm doing so is because after all the hard work he devotes to my business, no one on the outside is really aware of the back breaking contributions and sacrifices he makes.

When Andrew comes home in the evening (from working for his mistress), he'll do anything from:

  • Devising Strategy for ECStewart Designs, Inc.
  • Writing the press releases
  • Writing copy or editing my bad copy
  • Counting Inventory
  • Stuffing and collating notecards (can you hear the shuffle?)
  • Affixes labels to the back of notecard boxes
  • Stuffing and collating LUVBites (that's job burns fingers!)
  • Shopping for Lumber for Frames (this is too warped)
  • Building Frames for Prints (lights flicker in the house when he turns on the table saw)
  • Painting the Frames (can you hear the metal ball inside the shaking spray can?)
  • Varnishing the Frames (ewww, smell the fumes from the workshop)
  • Cutting the acyrlic for the Frames
  • Cutting the Corrogated Backs for Prints & Frames (again, lights flicker)
  • Framing the Prints
  • Stuffing the Prints
  • Designing prototypes for journals (surprise! acrylic patterns)
  • Shopping for fabrics and leather (he loves the cobalt!)
  • Cutting fabric for journals (admire the organization of the materials in folders)
  • Sewing the journals (yes, the man sews)
  • Shops for lumber for our kiosk (how much can this truck hold again?)
  • Builds the kiosk
  • Varnishes the kiosk
  • And make a fabulous dinner for us each and every night. (that's why I can't lose this 20lbs!!)

We haven't even begun to outline the work it takes to prepare for our local and national shows. Let see, he will:
  • Count Inventory
  • Pack the Inventory
  • Pack the truck
  • Drive to the destination (guys like to drive)
  • Unload the truck
  • Raise the kiosk (can you hear the power drill now?)
  • Unpack the inventory
  • Display the inventory (where are we putting the journals?)
  • Talk to customers (Have you heard the story about Bacchus?)
  • Sell to the customers (Cobalt is my favorite!)
  • Make change for the customers (Lightning quick addition!)
  • pack the inventory (out comes the power drill)
  • Load the truck
  • Do a face plant on the lawn in the dark because the millions of acorns
  • Drive home
  • Examine the cuts and bruises
  • Count the money
  • Hold a post mortem about how well we did and why
While this list isn't exhaustive, Andrew's supply of support in myriad ways is immeasurable and selfless. Because of all the stinky fumes, bloody fingers, bruised limbs, headaches, body aches at the end of the day I am so grateful for your efforts and unwavering enthusiasm.

Thanks darlin, for all that you do. I, no, we wouldn't be this far without you!

Love, NL.


Andrew Hayden said...

It's not like you don't do all of those things too. You make me sound too good. It's a team effort, and you are a wonderful team mate with whom to do all of this stuff.

To everyone reading this, don't let Lisa fool you, she is the most wonderful, creative and hard working creative entrepreneur I know. She's talented, brilliant and works 20 hours a day. I just try to help out where I can.

CREATIVEGoddess said...

Liar!!! You sir, are a liar!! You do everything -I just pour wine. And draw pretty pictures.

Jeanne Rhea said...

Your posts are getting better and better. Very entertaining and informative. I knew all along that you and Andrew worked well together and with the two of you, I predict very good things to come!

CREATIVEGoddess said...

Aww, Jeanne, thanks!

Fr.Bob said...

I don't know that I can add anything to what you have said, Lisa. Andrew is our Son and we've always been proud of him and what he has accomplished. The two of you are a great pair and really compliment each other ! Keep it up !!!

Madam said...

Haven't we always said that you are a perfect match for each other??? Have you told "Match.Com" how well you matched up? No, we both know how very creative you both are and always have been. And we are SOOOOO proud of you both!

CREATIVEGoddess said...

A few years back, Match.com was seeking success stories. So, I had written out in beautiful prose (that doesn't happen very often) and their damn system choked -losing everything I had composed.

Nice, eh?

Lesson: Write everything in notepad, copy/paste into the window just in case your blog or any other online vehicle decides to crash.

I returned to their site a month later and the b*stards told me I had to sign in. Why should I? I found my mate and I'm not paying for any stupid membership just to let them know that I'm successfully off the market.

I never returned.