Sunday, December 30, 2007

TorchLight Procession: My Inner Pagan Outed!

One of the reasons we're in Edinburgh during this time of year is because we're Scots and because the Scots know how to party. I've never been known to be a 'party girl' by any stretch, but Hogmanay is a week long party with a variety of venues from which to choose.

Andrew and I scored tickets to enjoy the Torchlight Procession that starts in the Edinburgh's Old Town. Accompanied by pipes and drums the entire way to Calton Hill, we participated in the walking river of fire with thousands of others and celebrated by watching the burning of a lifesize Viking longboat and a willow effigy: a Stag. While both burned brightly, we were entertained spectacular fireworks.

This procession is borrowed and adopted by Viking traditions and they claim that true Viking warriors come from Shetland to Edinburgh to help carry the longboat up on Calton Hill and set it alight. Edinburgh sends the proceeds of the sales from the wax torches to their favorite charity.

I can only imagine if Raleigh did something like this, they'd burn a giant acorn only after they were able to hurdle over the unlucky burn victims lying on Hillsborough street.

Additional Details & Slideshow Forthcoming.

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