Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve

Waking late, we found ourselves sauntering through London enjoying the holiday atmosphere at Harrod’s and Covet Garden during the hustle and bustle of last minute purchases. Because I took a 3 week hiatus from working out, my gluts were really paying the price walking up sets and sets of stairs within the Tube stations. I made a vow to my body that I would continue hard core cardio when we return to the States.

Later, we stopped at Tesco to purchase a food backup plan should we have difficulty finding a restaurant on our own for Christmas Dinner: Chocolate chip muffins, mixed nuts, granola & yogurt, juice for breakfast; water, vegetable winter soup, chicken soup, rolls, a chicken pot pie, and wine for dinner.

At about 8, we met up with our friends, Claire and Dawba at one of their favorite haunts. Wine, club sandwiches and philosophy filled our Christmas Eve when we found ourselves at their house with Bailey’s, chips, and some incredibly peppery hors d’oeurves.

We returned to our borrowed flat at about 1:30 am and enjoy a little holiday cheer of our own.

Additional Details Forthcoming.

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Jeanne Rhea said...

Love seeing the photos! The St. Martin's ceiling is so good---love the light. And that "Mind the Gap" sure is different than what we would see here. Looking foward to more. :)