Sunday, December 16, 2007

Technology Overload

Is it possible to get too overwhelmed with cool techie devices? I'm beginning to think so.

My battery in my mobile phone would no longer hold a charge, so I was forced to consider upgrading the phone entirely. So, now after doing a quick search thru Consumer Reports to determine the best rated phone -I just need to make/receive calls, vm, and have a comprehensive contact library- I arrived at three contenders through Verizon:

The Razor (Andrew already has one)
The Juke (isn't Web enabled, should I need it)
The Chocolate (fun name)

Because I had reluctantly settled with "the idea" of purchasing a new phone, I had had the daunting task of choosing the phone that would suit my needs, as minimal as they are. *Sigh*

Ooooooookay, I'll piiiick the Choooc'late. I want it in the great burgundy color that reminds me of a chocolate raspberry torte.

You probably can't sense the sarcasm thru my entry (I'm getting very tired) but I was delighted to learn that any photos I take can be extracted by using a card, rather than sending one-by-expensive one to my email. Now, between filling orders, I'm desperately reading the manual to figure out this gadget, because what I really want to do is finish my tutorials on video publishing!!

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