Sunday, December 02, 2007


It's 7:36pm and I've just finished Andrew's fabulous chicken corn chowder and man, was it good.

Now, I'm exhausted. No wait, we're exhausted.

I'm glad today is over, truth be told. Today, at Boylan, has been a one of anticipated dread as my expected sales were completely hinged on last year's weather and this year's economy. Is that fair? Well, any projected outcome is based on trends, economy, and location, so yes, in my book, I think weighing those options in varying degree deserve face time and evaluation.

I have to admit, this year was a miserable year for me. In terms of sales -just miserable. I got confident (perhaps too confident) last year this time and thought that I could push just as much if not just a little bit more in sales, but I was wrong -oh so wrong.

This economy just sucks.

Today was better, much better, actually, better than the first 3 year combined, although, I'm not convinced. I'm not convinced I'll do any better the first or second quarter of next year, nor will I ever get "confident" again.

Today, I'll blame our good fortune on Andrew's charm.

Why? Heh! This is about the fact that he touts the aspect of leading a charmed life -his words, not mine and I'll tell you, he's right. I love it when he's right because good things happen when he is right. We get prime parking spots -every time- and whenever we need good luck to shine our way, and if I'm with him, good luck always turns our way. I can't explain it, nor can he, but he doesn't care... must be the good karma he's generated.

However, when I'm right, it's based on factors, experience, and one big freakin' hunch. Unfortunately, it's that hunch that always gets me into trouble with not only my accountant, but with my friends. Why? Because when I play my hunch, I'm right and no one likes the outcome, which by the way, is all based on reality... and my hunch.

Oh, and there's a mathematical equation that determines our outcome: charm beats reality -every time. Wait, let me do that with air quotes, "Every time."

Inserting Snack Break Here
Now it's 8:15 and Andrew is pouring us each port -mine ruby, his tawny- because I'm getting a sore throat from the long days preceding the show and today's event. Oh, and the mocha chocolate chip cookies from Wholefoods are walking my way, too. Yum!!
End Snack Break

Er, maybe I'll attribute our fortune on my skills as a artist/salesperson who is passionate about her work; I don't like leaving my fate in someone else's hands. I like to believe that I can cast my own fate. If I can't, I'll try hard as hell to persuade it to favor me as often as possible.

*Sigh* That rarely happens unless I've got Andrew in my back pocket.

Today was a pleasant day for us. We had intermitten sprinkles and did the rain dance each time it spittled on my work; even Amy said she wouldn't stay long because she brought the rain. Funny thing, I think she's right because when she left, the spittles stopped. Thanks for stopping by Amy -too bad you couldn't pause long enough to fondle our suede journal covers!!! I'll bring one to yoga Tuesday.

Meanwhile, we found ourselves busy with just a few intervals of low periods -long enough to catch our breath and confer w/one another.

When Andrew and I found ourselves back in our kitchen waiting for the boyz splash to warm before serving, we talked thru our usual post mortem to reveal what each of us learned from our new enthusiasts. Most of it was incredibly positive and fueled my much needed high I get from the one-on-ones I crave -the folding green didn't hurt either.

Things we learned:

  • I learned that I must continue with what I started, I love it way too much to give up.
  • If things get tough, market your product like nobody's watching
  • Get back to the drawing board and design like nobody's watching
  • Don't wait for recognition to come to you, go seek it out.
  • Folks love my work, but love it more in color despite the trend of black and white.
  • I may have the majority of animals in my collection, but someone will always ask for what I don't have.
  • Go back to the drawing board and include it in the queue.
  • Be sure to have multiple price points and eliminate the nickel and dime products; they're more work than they're worth and you'll never make the money that you aspire. My lowest price point was $15 today and frankly, I did exceedingly well.
  • Don't bring a chair to your exhibits, unless it's strictly for your guests. Many artists use it as a crutch and as a result, they lose sales because they're afraid of engaging their customer -or tripping over their own tongues. I'm tongue tied all the time due to lack of coffee or other excuse, but I manage to get the story across and the customer excited.
  • After each gig like today, sleep for 48 hours straight. Don't promise anyone anything, don't stop to collect $200, just go straight to bed.
I'm off. Sleep tight.


Madam said...

I'm so glad things went so well yesterday. We thought about you all day because as the weather channel called it here - it was 52' and dreary!! Hope your good spirits will flush away your sore throat and if that doesn't do it you can go with the "Nashville spirits" with a little honey and lemonade! always works!!

CREATIVEGoddess said...

I'm kicking myself for not taking photos of the booth or us in/around the booth. This year we brought 2 cameras and neither one of us pulled one out. Doh!!

That's how busy we were! Think next year I'll force a friend to show and snap a photo or two while she's lurking about. Won't be Amy, she brings rain! :D