Sunday, December 16, 2007

Weekend WrapUp

Andrew and I are attempting to enjoy this last weekend at home before the trip.

I'm finishing handmade items like this Lucky Ladybug in Sterling as we watch the last-minute rush on our site for the orders. Looks like we'll have to make more frames for prints this weekend!

Meanwhile, I surprised Andrew with dinner at our favorite Sushi Restaurant (they bow to us there!) Friday night, where we continued to run errands for miscellaneous shopping.

My goal was to find a cheap battery for my phone that wouldn't make me feel like the punch line of a bad joke -I have only 2 months before I can upgrade my mobile to a new one -I'm so close. The folks at Best Buy checked into my account and discovered that I was eligible to upgrade on Saturday. Saturday? Nuts, I don't want to think of mobile phones when I have several other items on my agenda to wrap-up. Took a deep breath and decided to check Consumer Reports for their ratings before I dive into more technology overload.

Saturday Night we enjoyed dinner w/my good friend Jim and have convinced him that he should bring a little hedonism into his life: we're all getting pedicures & manicures Tuesday morning! Yee-haw!!

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