Sunday, December 30, 2007

Edinburgh Castle or Citadel?

We finally made it to the castle on a relatively clear day. I usually like explorations to unfold before me, revealing surprises along the way without a map that tends to dictate what one must see.

Andrew was excited to show me the castle. What I didn't realize that it's actually a citadel, a fortress that is comprised of several components that make up a city that also ensures loyalty from the town that they're defending.

I just love the angles and slopes that grounds like this provide. I did my best to keep people out of my compositions, but unfortunately, there were hundreds walking about doing the same thing I was doing. Quite a challenge trying to stay out of someone else's photo.

My work around was to move the camera up, just above the heads to get some great shots, although, getting cobblestone and moss helps provide grounding for one's work. I'll have to use the comps that include as reference files for my journal sketching -I may even use the people in period costumes.

Additional Details & Slideshow Forthcoming.

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