Sunday, December 30, 2007

Museum of Scotland

Having visited the museum 10 years ago, Andrew encouraged us to take in this marvelous Museum of Scotland while it rained.

We had only 2 hours to view the exhibits, so I flipped a coin to determine which floors to hit first. Argh! What a deliberation. Hooray for me, they allowed photographs!! Woo-hoo!

Initially, I wanted to hit the Victorian floor first, but then decided that when I saw primitive exhibit 'round the corner, I fluttered in like a moth to flame.

A Macabre SideNote
We came upon one of the first horse-drawn hearses introduced from Bolton, East Lothian. The use began in the 1780s when the Victorians evolved their mourning process into an elaborate etiquette that included accessories and even a funeral invitation! I thought this would be a fabulous invite for a Halloween party. If anyone decides to do this -please send me one!

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