Monday, December 24, 2007

Happy Christmas!!

Waking late again, I woke Andrew announcing that it was 12:40pm and green parrots in the garden the tree!! Bizarre but true. We remained inside for most of the cold and rainy day taking photos of the green parrots, white ring necked doves, and watching movies. Eventually, the sun broke thru the heavy rain clouds and tantalized us to take a quick walk outside -and quick it was.

While it was chilly, Andrew and I walked arm in arm down Ladbroke Square spying families having Christmas dinner in their front windows. One woman was quietly readying her table for her imminent guests that have yet to arrive, a bouquet of flatware wrapped in white linen filled her hand as she polished the silver one by one before laying each piece in its place. Another home revealed a trompe l’oeil jungle scene with a leopard sitting atop a door frame with his tail casually dropped by the door.

Around the corner, we unearthed an open convenience store where we bought crackers, cheese, assorted green tea, and a box of our new favorite cookies: Bahlsen First Class Milk Chocolate crisp wafers.

Andrew was in charge of heating dinner while I prepared cheese and crackers and wine. It was a sweet little dinner with just the 2 of us and Vince Gauraldi playing in the background.

Additional Details Forthcoming.


Kate Honarvar said...

following your journey-can't wait to hear more! Kate, Houdin and Lucie

CREATIVEGoddess said...

Thanks for reading, Kate!!