Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Edinburgh: Last Day and I Smell Snow

For the last day in Edinburgh, we strived to plan our day in accordance with the imminent rain. While walking up the Royal Mile, we ducked into kilt shops that sold authentic Scottish garb. Andrew was secretly hoping to find MacLaughlan tartans on more than just a tie. Evident on old maps, it seems that the poor clan was at least able to find land on some obscure inlet while the Stewart clan took over most of the territory.

We happened upon contemporary interpretations of apparel that were just hilarious. I did hope to find a bustier in Stewart tartan, but fortunately for me and the fact that we're married to the USDollar, they did not have it in my size. Some times, it's lucky that supplies are limited that interest me -prevents me from overspending.

However, I did fall in love with a relatively new idea that hasn't hit the States yet -compressed heather. Because it is plentiful, an artist has crafted a beautiful approach to jewelry and I just had to pick up a pendant -it had the most heather variation that earrings did not. Photo forthcoming.

Throughout our honeymoon, we did not see a flake of snow. However, when we stepped out of a Scottish store the air hit my nose and realized that I could 'smell snow.' It should be here by tomorrow before depart for the airport.

We arrived at St. Giles church on the Royal Mile and decided it would be advantageous to take a peak inside.

After our tour, we needed a nosh. We enjoyed a dry piece of chocolate rum cake with pear (the pear filling was very good) and coffee at the Always Sunday Cafe. We dodged into Blackwells (we sell knowledge) bookstore to pick up Deathly Hallows in British English and two Edinburgh folklore books. More coffee and 45 minutes later, we had our final traditional Scottish meal at World's End: Fish & Chips + Drambuie Chicken & Mash with a pint of dark ale.

Next: We're on our way to meet with Kate and Neal for Edinburgh's famous underground dungeon walk.

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