Monday, January 21, 2008

Owls & Designaholics

I'm a designaholic.

I'm a designaholic who has just finished posting this adorable owl and her baby as a teaser on ETSY.

Is this the first step to curing my own insatiable desire to beautify the world? Nop. It's my own small way of letting you know that I can't stop breathing design. I live design. I dance and sing design but only hit vibrato when my car strikes a chuckhole. I eat design -actually, Andrew serves design and then I eat it. Hell, I even blog design.

Some of you have been following my recent adventures abroad with Andrew. Some of you are completely bewildered as to why I would take the time out to blog or even stay up beyond the midnight hours to optimize images so that you, too, could enjoy what I've been experiencing.

I confess, it's the rush.

If I weren't a fine artist in the midst of building my little empire, then I'd probably be writing furiously on the inequities of human rights, or animal rights for that matter.

Up until the 11th hour before we were to set off on our honeymoon, December 19th, I was still designing. Actually working on prototypes in our workshop because I wanted to finalize as much detail in the process before returning home and launching the new line.

This morning, Andrew sent me a link to Seth Godin's recent post about Workaholics; it's not what you think. You should read it as he has unmasked the true spirit of my unwavering commitment to my enterprising endeavors.

Now I should go help Andrew finish making his savory chicken pot pies, but first, I'm sure I'll want to tweak this entry.

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Jeanne Rhea said...

My new favorite of your designs! The owls are so serene/secure/content. Amazing how you do this is so few lines.

I read the article and it is a good one. We are so lucky to love what we do and to know we would be doing something like it even if we had to work another job!