Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I Got Noticed by the Wall Street Journal!!!

Hey folks! Blogging works!

I was checking my stats tonight and realized that a few people were coming from the WSJ! Woo-hoo! Why in the... I discover that it's all because of an article I wrote about wearing my Princess Diana hat at New Year's Eve Party: Edinburgh: Hats Off to Compliments!

Although the entry was a bit heavy on the introspection, Teri, the author of the article, Wearing a Fedora, found my article good enough to blogroll. Where? On the WSJ site, of course!! You can find my tiny link at the end of the article. I say in this case, size doesn't matter: tiny works!

Oh, and she's included Johnnie Depp's photo -I couldn't think of a better celeb with which to become associated.

Envision the Pips singing, "Taking the train to happy town... woo woo!"

In case you didn't catch it, my entry has been blog rolled on the Wall-Street-Journal!!


Madam said...

Way to go GIRL!!!!!! Lets hope this is the "Eureka" moment you've been waiting for! Lets just hope that reasonable WSJ readers aren't so caught up on the tanking stock market that they'll read much more interesting stuff like your blog to take their minds off their troubles!! Your whole "honeymoon" blog is worth reprinting or publishing,or whatever,but it's really GOOD.

CREATIVEGoddess said...

Thanks tho I doubt this is a eureka moment. I just noticed that the link got rolled up into a widget, so many won't find it now. Hmm...

CREATIVEGoddess said...

Oh, and I'm not done w/the honeymoon -I've got more to post but now I'm struggling to find the time.


Madam said...

Thank you - that was NOT an illusion; when I tried to get Dr. Bob to find your name and blog address under the article, it had disappeared!!!Oh, well, at least it was there even for a very short period of time. I did recover the print edition, and will send it off, but there was nothing about follow up other than the writers e-mail address. Probably since the Fedora article came out a week ago, they have now cleared out "old" articles! AND the market has really tanked today, down more than 300 points!! UGHHHHH

CREATIVEGoddess said...

Actually, it's still there. One has to click the blue hyperlink that reads "More Related Content" and you'll find my post in the right nav.