Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!!!

Power Naps were mandatory before we headed out to party with the Scots.

Andrew had scored tickets to the street party and a new venue at Hogmanay: the Hoog. We donned our paper bracelets and headed out without our constant daily gear of heavy coats, cameras, & backpack; I felt naked without them.

Strolling down the street, we noticed a similar herd to that of the Torchlight Procession, but without the fire. I believe we moved through about 50,000 people to attend our Hoog Party prior to the Fireworks. In the Assembly building, we grooved to brass bands, Ceilidh dancing, and smooching like Scots against pillars like it was the end of the year. Er, wait...

Anyhow, my time watching husband led us out before the gates closed to witness some fantastic fireworks lite from the Castle. We met up with celebrities like Brad, Angelina, a brooding Clooney, and Alyson. Of course, the Regal Nigel, Photographer at large insisted that his mug shot be taken as well.



Amy said...

...and happy new year to you two as well. For the life of me, I can't figure out how you're managing to DO so much, when you clearly are spending all of your time blogging!

CREATIVEGoddess said...

You'll have to go back and reread some of my modified entries -they begin to reveal some of our down time.

Tell Phil I said Happy Birthday!!

Hope you guys had a fun time last night.

Andrew Hayden said...

Actually Amy, Lisa is spending all hours of the night optimizing images and blogging. I'm getting my beauty rest. She's blaming that on all of the bad (cute in my eyes) pictures that I'm taking of her.

Jeanne Rhea said...

Looks like you are having a happy new year. Just so you don't think it is so great where you are, it is beautiful here today. I washed some outside windows!

Great photos!

CREATIVEGoddess said...

The weather becomes a mute point when on one's honeymoon. :D

Say, you wanna go by our house and wash our windows? They're dreadful -filled with cobwebs between the panes -what a pain.