Saturday, January 05, 2008

Last Night in London: Harrods

As we settled into our room, I got suddenly peckish. I do my best to control it with a nibble here and there, but it crept up on me instantly.

Andrew! Save yourself! The ugly monster has just reared it's ugly head!!

In desperate need of comfort food, we found a cozy restaurant right around the corner in Covent Garden: Covent Garden Kitchen. Covent Garden is right 'round the corner from the Waldorf, walk 2 blocks thru the theatre district and voila!

After Salmon and mashed spuds rolled with tomato (very savory) we dashed to find a few meager gifts for the family at Harrods.

Chocolate Coffee Cookies; chocolate honeycomb treats; a Harrods kitty for the boyz, chocolate covered brazil nuts for Dr Bob; and a kitty cat Harrods bag for Madam -shudda got for meself one. Argh! Guess we'll just have to return!!

Las Vegas for Shoppers
Inside Harrods is a real treat -one should take a day to just walk through. I wanted to take photos in the holiday gift extravaganza they were hosting, but security was extremely tight, telling us to put away cameras and remove backpacks from shoulders and carry them down by our feet.

We only made it to the food court which is unreal. Harrods have several floors but one can spend hours on the first. It's best to keep strict time because getting lost is inevitable. Also, we had to really watch our purchases because everything cost us 2x more than actual, so our souvenirs were quite limited. If you were walking near me, you'd here me price items aloud, "Hmm, 6 pounds means 12 USD for us. Humpfth! "

Fine, I'll just take more photos.

Next: British Museum Surprises!!

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