Saturday, January 19, 2008

Snowy South vs Frozen Tundra

I had to write this for you sports nuts out there. I'm not a real sports nut, actually, not at all, although I do like to watch figure skating on Saturdays. (nyuk nyuk -that one was for you, Ralph!)

Meanwhile, we do like to keep up with our friends and colleagues by following their blogs, Web sites, and the like. This weekend, we're watching with great trepidation, our friend Ralph who is a beat writer for the NYDaily News covering the Giants football team.

You want to know how truly cold it is in Greenbay this weekend? Visit Ralph's entries as his descriptions of revisiting the tundra are hilarious: NYDaily News

I don't envy him one bit, not one tiny bit.

Meanwhile, I'm watching the snowfall here in Raleigh -quite the winter wonderland for those who have no meaning of the word "shovel."

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