Monday, January 28, 2008

Studio News: WinterIce OLE Watercolor Sterling Pendants

Introducing WinterIce
Water is like the stream of creativeness, refreshing the spirit and awakening up new forces. -A. Rakauskas

Awaken and refresh your spirit with an ECStewart original one-of-a-kind watercolor! These fabulous pendants are inspired by the beauty of nature and the stream that flows within.

Inspired by my travels to a much colder climate and my love for water and crystals, I've had a little fun with watercolors recently. While it seems like a departure from my usual tight calligraphic renderings, this allows me to enrich my work by applying a little freedom in the studio and bringing it to you.

These little beauties are original, one-of-a-kind limited edition original watercolor set in sterling silver bezel (30mm), sealed with resin that magnifies the flowing spirit and harmonized with a Swarovski crystal that represents the solid form of water. This small masterpiece hangs on a 18" sterling silver chain.

Right now, you can find them on ETSY because the limited edition is easier to keep track -I wouldn't want folks to double purchase my pieces when I'm not looking!


Madam said...

Lisa, the finished product is even more beautiful than the "concept" we've seen earlier! I'm sure it will be extremely popular.

Jeanne Rhea said...

Very, very nice. Great color and the little crystal finishes it perfectly.